About us

Revolutionary Action is a community of people sharing the same ideas of social anarchism.

Our ultimate goal is to build anarchist society (stateless communism) where the material wealth will belong to working people, where there will be no private property, state, hierarchy, coercion, repressions, prisons and exploitation of man by man, and where all power will belong to associations of working people. Our goal for the nearest future is to build a strong, consolidated and disciplined network of activists, which will be able to:

– Disseminate anarchist ideas
– Engage in direct action supporting our words
– Contribute to the formation of positive image of anarchism and anarchists in society
– Fight for the development of free public relations wherever possible
– Contribute to the development of non-profit culture
– Support local social initiatives

Our organization is called “Revolutionary Action” because we struggle regardless of the government machinery and state institutions and do not rely on the current political system. Our purpose is revolutionary changes, which will completely change social order and mind of individuals We are building a new society now, every day. Coming to power is not our goal because it is impossible to create a stateless society from the top. The society can be transformed into a truly anarchist one only by direct revolutionary action from the bottom but not by the order of the establishment.

In our struggle against the state it is not very important who rules: whether it is the dictator Lukashenko or the Parliament consisting of officials and businessmen. Any state authorities are concerned primarily about their own interests not about the interests of people, and any government will try to expand its authority and establish a dictatorship. Our solution is self-management.

To contact us, please, write on belarus@avtonom.org

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