Events: April – June 2010

April 1. A group of Minsk anarchists held an action against state propaganda. Advertisment bigboards with state propaganda were attacked with paint-bulbs.
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April 12. ‘Antinuclear Resistance’ activists hung a banner saying ‘NO TO NPP CONSTRUCTION’ on Brest highway on-ramp. The banner hung about 10 minutes and was taken away by cops afterwards.

April 13. Another class of ‘Bespartshkola’ in ‘Classic anarchist theories’ took place. The class was an open-air one as several public organisations refused to let the building for the initiative after they got to know the theme of the class.

April 19. At a press-conference devoted to Charnobylski Shlah (a traditional march in commemoration of the Chernobyl disaster in which anarchists have been taking part for already 9 years) the leader of Malady Front (Youth Front – a conservative youth organisation opposing Lukashenko) stated: ‘We will consider the attendance of the event by anarchists and sexual minorities as a provocation. Representatives of Malady Front will tie down and pass the instigators to the police’.
Representatives of Revolutionary Action commented this statement on their web-page ‘How can an organisation whose activists are constantly subject to beatings and repressions collaborate with the police? We can’t call it other than a blind worship to the authorities. But, frankly speaking, such a strategy totally fits into the rightist policy of Malady Front. Not long ago its leader spoke in favour of the prohibition of interracial marriages. Well, the fighter for ‘Christian values’ is really close to the struggle for ‘Aryan values’.

April 20. A group of antifascists distributed about 200 antifa leaflets in Brest. No detainees observed.

April 24. Anarchists declared their intention to boycott Charnobylski Shlah for the first time in 9 years. The declaration distributed by an anarchist group ‘Antinuclear Resistance’ says:”Despite the fact that the official opposition ignored us and tried to take over the growing anarchist movement for a long time, our bloc gathered new people every year. Unable to put up with it, representatives of some marginal groups of the right-wing opposition vehemently laid about themselves. We have never been and will never be afraid of their stupid threats. Nobody is empowered to prevent us from taking part in a protest action.”…”This year you will not see the Black Bloc in Charnobylski Shlah. We, anarchists and members of ‘Antinuclear Resistance’, voluntarily abstain from participation in this action in its present-day form. We refuse to bow to bureaucrats and Charnobylski Shlah organisers being under their thumb. We don’t agree to silently stand in a mob picketed by pigs, we don’t want to be searched, filmed and spit over. Charnobylski Shlah in its form, dictated by authorities has turned into a farce. That’s why we call on everybody who thinks that Charnobylski Shlah is more than a commemoration to abstain from taking part in it this year.”
Such a decision was determined by the authorities’ statement that everyone coming to Charnobylski Shlah this time will undergo supervision and will enter through metal detectors.

April 26. Anarchists held an illegal picket against NPP construction as an alternative to the official Charnobylski Shlah. About 60 people gathered near the metro station ‘Pushkinskaja’. Two speeches were delivered through a loud-hailer, leaflets were being distributed. The meeting lasted about 15 minutes, after that the participants got down in the metro and dispersed. No detainees observed.
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This very day local activists of ‘ Antinuclear Resistance’ hung banners against NPP construction in Grodno, Berjoza (Brest region) and Brest.


April 30. On the day before May1 a group of Minsk anarchists attacked the building of the Belarusian Trade Union Federation. The attackers broke two windows, threw a fusee inside and left an inscription “Off with bureaucrats!”. The press-release says that “by this attack we wanted to show that trade unions are the allies of the oppressors rather than the defenders of workers. Trade Union bosses have never aimed at advocating the the rights of the work-folk. The best thing they are able to is to assist reaching an agreement between the employer and the employee. But what kind of agreement can there be between a master and a slave, between the oppressor and the oppressed?”

The same day anarchists distributed about 600 leaflets dedicated to the 1st of May among university students.

May 1. Anarchists cracked the web-page of Novopolotsk municipality (Vitebsk region). As the hackers themselves say in their declaration, ‘We congratulate all the bureaucrats of our country with May Day! Today they crack your sites, tomorrow they will smash you!’

In the night of May 2 anarchists decorated the walls of the workers dormitories with stencils and leaflets devoted to worker’s struggle.
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On this very day some anarchist group launched an arson of a Belarusbank department. The attackers believe the banks to be parasites which pump money out of the working people by means of profiteering and usury. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

May 5. Brest antifascists finished the making of a massive graffito in honour of the murdered Russian comrades. The memorial wall was being made for 3 days.
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May 7. Another class of ‘Bespartshkola’ in ‘Reaching decisions by means of concensus’ took place. The class was open-air and counted about 15 students.

May 16. Two 15-year-old teenagers were detained in Borisov (Minsk region) for distribution of leaflets with the calls to “do good”. Here are several sentences from the confiscated by the police proclamations: “When we stop fight for each other, we will lose what makes us men”, “If each of us lights a match, the light will occupy half the heaven. If each of us does a good deed, the good will occupy half the world! Act, you are not the only one!”
The pupils were detained while placarding the leaflets, the flats where they live with their parents underwent searches. 3 more leaflets, a digital camera with pictures of placarding and the information from a social network were found in one of the teenagers’ dwelling. Administrative protocols were drown up against their parents (‘Non-fulfilment of the duties of upbringing.’)

May 17. Participants of ‘Bespartshkola’ were detained during a public class devoted to “Revolution in Spain and Aragon communes”. 15 minutes after the beginning of the lecture cops entered the room, blocked the exits and and said they were looking for the suspects in the attack on Belarusian Trade Union Federation, which meant that all the present were detained. Later a SWAT squad came up and detained 17 participants. At the precinct, they were held for a total of three hours or so, having been booked and fingerprinted in the process. The police were trying to elicit, who was in charge of the web-page

May 26. A new anarchist zine was published – Black Colours №8 (an extension of “Freedom Or Death” zine).

May 29. Chief pediatrician of the Ministry of Healthcare claimed the unceasing rise in the number of juvenile suicides in Belarus. In 2007 there were 24 incidents of suicide among children under age, in 2009 they already made 42, taking into account the total Belarusian population of 9.5 mln people.

June 14. An illegal tenants’ meeting against the construction of a petrol station close to dwelling houses was held in Borisov (Minsk region). The police prevented the meeting from taking place by arresting a human rights defender who had initiated the event.

June 18. Workers of turnery №3 went on strike in the joint-stock company “Los” in Baran’ (Vitebsk region). The reason for the strike was the breaking of the promise to give the workers a rise given by the director of the enterprise.

June 24. Patients of a tuberculosis hospital in Volkovichi (Dzerzhinsk ditrict, Minsk region) went on hunger strike to protest the inhumane incarceration conditions. The patients claim constant beatings by the police, lack of hygiene products and the prohibition to go outside the hospital. «We are totally deprived of our rights and live here like animals», – stated one of the patients.

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