“Insignia will not save” – graffiti in Minsk

On the night of March 22-23, we, the anarchists, held an action against the police repression and reminded the regime’s dogs that their privileged position would not save them from just national revenge. In the center of Minsk, we painted graffiti “Insignia will not save”.
March 25 is approaching, the day when the whole country will unite against the taut authorities. Against poverty, lawlessness and police repression.

Frightened by growing dissatisfaction, the authorities tried to reduce the tension by suspending the decree number 3. But the step designed to fool the people did not work and the next day after this news in Molodechno, over a thousand people came out – the town had never seen such a large protest action before. Disappointed in “democracy” methods the top decided to act by usual methods – fear and terror against the people. To punish the dissidents were thrown gopniks in civilian clothes, who, using violence, threw people into cars without identification marks, beat them and took them to an unknown destination. After that people were brought to the police stations, and then went to serve short term prison sentences.

All around the country there are detentions and searches. Over 260 people were detained during the current month, 115 of which were sentenced for a short time prison term – they were preventively detained before the main action in the center of Minsk. Anarchists, unlike the oppositionists, never had any illusions about the authorities and the so-called “liberalization”. It was always clear that indulgences, if there were any, were only a mask, behind which the true face of power is hidden. And this power sends an antifascist Ilya Volovik and his comrades to 10 years in camps for the broken glass in a trolleybus and sprayed gas. This and completely unties the hands of police, who detain anarchists and random people in the same trolleybus after an authorized action with the use of violence and special means. What is allowed to some is not allowed to others.
But everything comes to an end. We have seen the people rise from their knees no longer willing to exist in a humiliated situation. And we will not be stopped by any obstacles! The dictatorship will collapse and all those who serve this regime will be under its ruins.
We see how the government is beating in hysterics and on the run composes tales of radioactive airplanes, explosive-packed cars, training camps and other “rats” in the water pipes. We see how feverishly they are trying to hide behind the bars all those who are able to take responsibility and organize people to resist. Yet, their efforts are useless – the agonizing regime in no way can admit the idea that people rebel “from below” not on Western money and not at the call of opposition politicians, but because they are brought to an extreme degree of despair, when fear recedes – it cannot be worse, and the lies and humiliations from the screens just add rage and anger. And no matter how many activists will be thrown into the dungeons – this will not stop the revolution, because the people are doing it. The people who have proved their ability to organize themselves – this is precisely what they do not want to recognize, because they are most afraid of it.

There are social changes in the country, and you can become their active participant! Join the anarchists! Destroy the dictatorship! Create the future!
Meet you on the streets of the city!

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