Anarchists arrested in Brest

On Saturday, April 20, 11 anarchists were arrested on a rest in the country house in the Brest region. 5 hours after the arrival of the anarchists their house was assaulted by SOBR (Special Rapid Response Unit) of police.Anarchists were demanded to provide their passport details and the residential addresses. They were beaten and handcuffed for any refusal or disobedience. Then the activists were taken to Kobrin police department where the tortures were continued. The members of congress were beaten and choked, their heads were dipped in the toilet. Also they all were demanded to take a drug test. Those who didn’t refuse were tested positively, although none of them had used drugs before. The expertise was sent for revision. Five people from the Brest are presently released and six (including those who are from other cities) people are still detained and are still in the prison cell.

There is information that police officers threw out the passport of one of one of the comrades.


  1. Вот гады мусора, краснопузые. Забыли что не 37-ой год на дворе и все их рожи потом найдут

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