Leaflet about bandits with shoulder boards from “Banda Luki”

During the pre-election protests, a large number of police officers were detected in the persecution of citizens, repression, detentions, and perjury. There are dossiers on many of them, and some also have indicated residential addresses and relatives on the “Banda Luki” website. Practice shows that scoundrels participating in repression try to avoid publicity in every possible way: cover their faces, delete social networks, and hide information. Apparently, least of all, they would like their neighbors and friends to know what they are doing as part of their “official duties”.


We have prepared the leaflet template that anyone wishing can add the information about the bandit living near them. You can take a description of both the hero and his feats. Feel free to print leaflets on an ordinary black-and-white printer and paste them up on the porch and around the houses where Luka’s bandits live.

How to engage in advocacy is written in our article “How to engage in street advocacy”. You can email the results of your work to revolutionaruaction (at) riseup.net mail or send a private message to the administrators of the “Banda Luka” chat. It will inspire Belarusians and remind the cops that everything is known about them.

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