“Self-organization instead of dictatorship”, a picket of anarchists in Minsk

The anarchists came out to the metro station Kuntsawschchyna with the banner “Self-organization instead of dictatorship”. They encouraged to fight the dictatorship of Lukashenko’s clan. The authorities farm up cases against bloggers, owners of large social media channels, and ordinary protesters. Predictably, there will be no election. Why do we need elections, anyway? Belarusians have shown that we are capable of solving our problems by ourselves without any leaders. The pandemic and drinking water problems in Minsk have shown this as well. Therefore, it is important for each of us to become an organizer. Self-organization and solidarity is a powerful force, which also can be used in small teams. Meet each other at protests, do not let arrest people standing next to you, run your own campaign, and post reports online.

For self-organization instead of dictatorship!

Join the anarchists!

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